2. Professional Certificate in Front-End Web Developer (EdeX)


Duration: 7 months/ 5-7 hours per week
Progress: Self-paced
Price: Available both free and paid versions of $895 (5 courses included/full program experience) 
Level: Entry to Intermediate

EdeX is a very well-known platform, to be precise among the best ones. They offer courses from all areas provided by non the less but the very best instructors from Harvard and MIT. 

There is a cost associated with receiving the license. Motivated people can take all of the classes for free in audit mode and save hundreds of dollars if they don’t mind forgoing the piece of paper.

A professional credential consists of a set of five courses including:

• CSS Basics

• HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals

• HTML 5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices

• HTML 5 Apps and Games

• Javascript Introduction

What will you learn during this course?

  • Utilize the latest web standards to develop websites;
  • Learn HTML5 tags, HTML5 graphics, audio and video elements, and how to code with them;
  • Designing a web page using CSS best practices;
  • Learn the basics of JavaScript to develop interactive web applications;
  • Identify the importance of accessibility and internationalization.

The difference between the paid and free versions of the course is with the paid version you will have unlimited access to the course material, a shareable certificate upon completion, and graded assignments and exams, while with the free version you don’t have these options. 


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