4. Foundations of Front-End Web Development (Udemy)


Duration: 4 weeks/20 hours and 14 minutes 
Progress: Self-paced/on-demand videos 
Price: Free + paid version with certificate 
Level: Entry 

If you don’t have any knowledge or background in this area that’s fine. Each and every topic included in this course will start from scratch and help you fully master it. 

The participant will have all of the fundamental foundations for addressing the employment market as a Junior Front-end Developer by the end of the training. Furthermore, the foundational information gained will make it much simpler to study additional subjects and build on what has already been learned.

What will you learn during this course?

  • You’ll have all of the tools and information you need to create aesthetically appealing Single Page Web Applications;
  • Semantic HTML;
  • CSS;
  • Responsive Web Development;
  • Javascript, Ajax, and jQuery;
  • Backbone.js;
  • After finishing, you will have covered the entire program of a Junior Front End Developer;
  • Unit Testing;
  • Easily approach web articles and resources on Front End Development;
  • Build on your basic expertise and specialize in new areas.

The difference between the paid and free versions of the course is with the paid version you will receive a certificate of completion, instructor Q&A, and Instructor direct message, while with the free version, this is not available. 


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