5. React JS- Complete Guide for Frontend Web Development (Udemy)


Duration: 4 weeks/20 hours 
Progress: Self-paced/on-demand videos 
Price:  Free but with the certificate only $13.99 (at the moment of writing)
Level: Entry

Among other great free courses for front-end web developers is this React JS- Complete Guide for Frontend Web Development from Udemy. This MOOC from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is a great option for novices interested in front-end programming with React.

What will you learn during this course?

  • How to create basic web pages using HTML5;
  • Learn how to design and apply animations to fundamental websites using CSS3;
  • Master the Javascript language from basic to advanced with the Next Gen JS – ES6;
  • Learn how to use Javascript and jQuery to build responsive and dynamic websites;
  • Create user-friendly and fast websites using React JS;
  • Master ReactJs to become a skilled front-end engineer.

The course includes on-demand videos, tests, readings, and lessons to assist you in mastering the subject. The course is free to take, but students who need a certificate can obtain one by purchasing an extra upgrade. 


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