3. Sell Your Photos Online


Do you have a good camera and love taking photos? Try out taking pictures in order to earn money. You’ve probably heard about sites like iStock and Alamy, which are online platforms that offer people to sell and buy pictures. 

All you need is a good camera and creativity. To begin, you must first be approved by the site, after which you must license your photographs for use by whoever buys or downloads them. The platform will then compensate you every time your picture is used.

However, there are many same-old, same-old pictures. You’ll need photos that appeal to a particular demographic or depict a specific location, and you’ll need to figure out what kind of photos are most in-demand. Don’t limit your mind, you can take pictures of anything like models, scenery, imaginative situations, and so on, or they could be actual events, landscapes, or business-related photos.


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