3. Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate (Coursera)


Rate: 4.7⭐
Length: 8 months including 4 courses 
Price: Free
Level: Beginner 

This certificate, created by Meta—the creators of Facebook and Instagram—was intended to prepare you for an entry-level job as a back-end developer. It is another great Coursera back-end development courses with certificates.

The finest aspect of this speciality is its emphasis on teaching how to use computer systems such as Python, Syntax, Linux commands, Git, SQL, and many others. ThisMeta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate course is designed for those who want to learn in-demand computing skills and gain confidence in using algorithms to solve problems.

What will I learn during this course? 

  • Develop the technical skills necessary to become a qualified backend developer;
  • Develop your skills in Python syntax, Linux commands, Git, SQL, Version Control, Web Hosting, APIs, JSON, XML, and more.
  • Prepare for interviews for engineering jobs by building a portfolio using your new skills and learning what to expect during interviews;
  • Get the skills you need to code confidently to solve problems and learn in-demand programming skills.

During the course, you will participate in practical learning through hands-on tasks to help you boost your knowledge. Since the program contains 4 courses, at the end of each course you will take 10 micro-projects to help prepare you for the next stages in your engineering career. 


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