5. Python Quick Start (LinkedIn Learning)


Rate: 4.7⭐
Length: 1 hour and 36 minutes
Price: Free with a certificate of completion
Level: Beginner 

Get a quick introduction to Python. The course will teach you what Python is and why it has become such a powerful and popular computer language.

It is very easy, doesn’t take a lot of your time, and you can take it without any prior experience in back-end development. 

What will I learn during this course?

  • What is Python and its power;
  • Python functions, its types and modules;
  • Build your own functions;
  • Lists and tuples in Python;
  • Learn about conditional statements;
  • Master iteration;
  • What is a recursive function;
  • Master programming in Python.

This course contains eight chapters, and after each one you finish, you will need to pass the chapter quiz. With this course, you can learn the fundamentals of Python and determine if it’s the right one for your projects.


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