7. Node, SQL, & PostgreSQL – Mastering Backend Web Development (Udemy)


Rate: 4.5⭐
Length: 5 hours 
Price: $16.99 (80% discount at the moment of writing)
Level: Beginner 

We cannot deny that Udamy has a vast amount of back-end development courses with certificates to offer and for a very fair price!

This is one of the finest back-end developer courses for you if you want to be an educated software engineer and practice web development in PostgreSQL, SQL, Node, and back end. Understanding these principles will help you get more opportunities and employment.

In addition, the course will walk you through specialized methods used in business today. The teacher will also show you how to use well-known tools such as PG and Express.

What will I learn during this course?

  • Create complete Node and PostgreSQL apps;
  • Create complete Node and PostgreSQL apps;
  • Talk about core Web Development with your coworkers;
  • Use different web queries in their bespoke backend apps;
  • Use and create Node middleware for problem management and data processing;
  • To create more concise code, apply advanced es6 principles;
  • Third-party tools can be used to extend Node apps;
  • Understand how the Node event cycle works.

The course is not too long, but it contains everything necessary to master back-end web development using the three above-mentioned projects. 

In Conclusion 

Planning on getting that dream job in back-end development? Don’t ruin your chance just because you lack skills in particular areas. 

These seven classes are from verified online education sites and are taught by highly qualified professionals from prestigious universities. Choose among these best back-end development courses with certificates and begin honing your abilities right away!


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