3. Stay on-Campus or Find a Roommate


Depending on where you are studying, choose the appropriate living space. For instance, dorms are much cheaper version in the majority of Europe, while renting a place is a much more expensive option. 

In the USA is the contrary. Even though on campus, you will have covered fees for some utilities, laundry services, and more, they will also offer you a yearly meal plan that is not so cheap. Overall the prices on campus are much pretty high, but you will have a lot of things covered that you don’t have to worry about.

Living in an apartment means that you can choose the place that suits your pocket and accordingly spend money on other things like groceries, bills, and other things. Also, finding a roommate is another great way to save some extra bucks. 

You’ll save a lot of money each month if you divide your rent with a friend rather than paying it all yourself. Furthermore, you will be able to divide bill expenses as well as the cost of any shared furnishings, saving you even more money each month.


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