2. Data Entry 


Data input can be a time-consuming job. However, many companies are ready to pay you a good amount of money to handle their data input requirements. To be a good match to data entry jobs, you must be detail-oriented and have a good set of skills of Microsoft Excel or similar database software. 

Avoiding fraud in this business is critical. If someone requests you to pay labor for them, it is most likely a scam.

What does the data entry role imply? This job mainly implies inputting data from different sources into the business computer system for processing and administration. This usually pimples to entering data from paper to computer files manually or by using scanners. 

Who is this job for? Most of the job of data entry can be done with your own computer, so it is for the ones who are seeking flexibility and a work-from-home environment. If you prefer that and you have a good understanding of both Microsoft Excel and Word, you are a good match!


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