3. Audio and Video Transcriptionist 


Many companies need different audio and even videos in text form. Since they usually don’t have time for it, they seek out transcriptionists. Transcribing audio is as simple as listening to a tape and typing it into a word document. 

While you can seek people that need this on your own, as a part of a freelancer, working for an audio transcription business is usually preferable. This way, you won’t have to look for customers, and you will always have a side job.

What does the transcriptionist do? Your job will be to convert the audio in your video or audio into text using automated voice recognition technology, human transcriptionists, or a mix of the two is known as video transcription. If video transcription is not used, your videos will depend exclusively on audiovisual content to communicate information.

Who is this job for? This job is for the ones who can pay attention to details, love flexibility in their work, and are into earning extra money every month!


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