5. Sell Your Goods on Etsy


Printables are one type of item that you can sell online. But the great thing about this type of selling is that you will only need to make a printable once and sell it million times. Then you can sit back and enjoy the somewhat inactive revenue. 

For instance, websites like Esty is a fantastic location to get inspiration and start marketing your printables. If you have no idea how to do it, you can also look it up on Pinterest and learn, but heads up, don’t worry in advance; it is very easy. 

What does the seller do? You can create an account on Etsy and become their seller. You can craft wherever you want aside from your own printables and sell it. Your responsibility is to update your goods, stay in contact with the buyers, and pack and ship your goods if they are in physical form. 

Who is this job for? Everyone who is creative, loves DIY things, and is searching for potential passive income. 


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