Our story

Pursico was born from our own pursuit of financial freedom. 

Making financial life better

Pursico was made by Petra, Julia, and Niels. Through working with large marketing campaigns, we saw some clear and interesting patterns:

A lot of people are looking to make their financial lives better. The problem is that most people do not even know what phrase to put into Google to get information that potentially could help. Even asking a question takes that you can answer 10 other questions that come before that one.

In fact, is asking a question and understanding the answer a pretty complex concept. Not just for some people – but even the most innovative people in the world would have limitations in this area.

We approach this in a different way:

We want to make it simple to understand the concept. Petra is for instance a university-educated candidate in pedagogy. And to be honest, most adults need to be approached with some of the tools we use for children that need to learn concepts. Taking a person in the hand, as we do with our children, is a surprisingly effective way of getting more people to a meaningful goal.

Our content focus areas

  • Open, free, and rapid education – getting the professional skills to qualify for a better-paid job, or more flexible job.
  • Guiding to financial solutions and services – if there are solutions to save or earn money, we want to guide you. Sometimes even getting an online bank account can make a huge difference for the underbanked of the world.
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