2. Udemy


Website: Udemy
Best for: Upgrading your skills at a budget-friendly level.
Price: Their courses can start as low as $12 and go up to $200 and more.

Udemy is another great website that provides an online learning and teaching platform. It was founded back in 2010, so it has high credibility and a history of providing high-end classes. 

It has over 210,000 online video courses to choose from, covering all sorts of topics and areas. For as little as $12, you can access over 200,000 of them that fit your schedule and lifestyle—and it’s yours forever. Once you pay for it, you can listen to it and repeat it as much as you want. 

There’s a reason why companies such as Adidas and Mercedes-Benz use Udemy for their teams. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of Udemy’s trial offer—and getting started on your learning journey.

How does Udemy work?

Udemy is a massively open online course (M.O.O.C.) platform where anybody can design and market traditional post-secondary education courses. Users can also enroll in classes to receive credit toward technical certification or to learn or upgrade various job-related skills.

All you need to do is sign up for free here and start exploring this marvelous platform. The best thing is that Udemy has a lot of coupons that you can receive and get discounts on your favorite courses. 

Also, there are no enrollment periods and assignment due dates. If a course is accessible on Udemy, you can enroll at any time. Take lectures, perform exercises, take virtual notes, download additional resources, and discuss course content with your instructors and classmates. There are no time constraints, so you can advance and finish the course at your own pace.


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