2. Data Science


Data science expertise can help you progress in your job, whether you are a new employee, a marketing professional, or a software developer. 

This course usually does not require any prior coding experience. You can participate in a postgraduate-level data science school if you have a bachelor’s degree and a knack for statistics. 

Many online choices are also accessible, which provide recognized master’s degrees and diplomas in addition to placement assistance. Some of the best online educational platforms and universities offer incredible data science courses, including:

Candidates with technical academic backgrounds will benefit from these courses. Data science is a comprehensive field that can elevate your career path. Taking one of the most popular online courses in 2023 makes you eligible to work as 

  • Data analyst;
  • Data analyst consultant;
  • Machine learning engineer;
  • Data analytics project manager;
  • Data quality analyst;
  • Lead data analyst, and many more.

Choose the course that best suits your needs and capabilities. Once you finish it, you will get the certification of completion, and you can start seeking your new job!


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