6. Blockchain Developers


Blockchain developers are programmers who build blockchain apps. It is a quickly evolving subject that has the potential to change industries as diverse as real estate, healthcare, finance, and insurance. 

As per usual, the most prestigious online educational platforms offer diverse courses on this subject, such as

With these courses and certifications that you will receive in blockchain development include mastering the following skills:

  • Javascript;
  • Smart Contracts;
  • Hyperledger;
  • Ethereum;
  • Solidity;
  • Composer;
  • NodeJS.

Blockchain is being praised as the revolutionary technology that will rule sectors after 2023. A working understanding of blockchain can help you prepare for software development positions and get an early start in business development, engineering, and operations. The job you can work as a blockchain developer are:

  • Blockchain developer;
  • Blockchain UX designer; 
  • Blockchain project manager;
  • Blockchain quality engineer;
  • Blockchain project manager;
  • Blockchain legal consultant;
  • Blockchain Solution Architect.

Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, Composer, Javascript, NodeJS, Solidity, and other technologies are covered in the blockchain development qualification curriculum. This path requires a foundation in engineering, mathematics, or computer science.


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