Become a Voice Actor


Voice acting is an extremely fulfilling career that can be pretty lucrative. Many people doing this job don’t have prior experience just it happens that they have a pleasant voice, and you’ve pretty much got your first job!

Here are certain skills you need to possess if you want to become a professional voiceover actor:

  • You must be able to clearly read and perform scripts;
  • Understanding the wide varieties of voices (e.g., character voices, accents, etc.);
  • Voiceover actors must establish their own distinct style and knowledge of the profession;
  • Understanding how to handle audio equipment is advantageous while recording auditions.

Once you realize that you have those skills and can certainly continue to develop in that path, if you want to gain some experience before applying for that job position, you can try the next things:

  • Vocal training workshops;
  • Gain acting experience and basic skills;
  • Record voice-over demos;
  • Go on as many auditions as you can.

If you want to find a job in this field, look out on these platforms:

These platforms provide many opportunities for you to start a voiceover job. You can create your profile highlighting your voice-over experience and apply directly to companies’ job advertisements.


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