Become a Website Tester


Before going live to the public, websites must be tested for functionality, design, and content. Testing is necessary to guarantee that consumers have a great experience when using the website.

Your duty as a website tester is to test and analyze the performance of a website on the internet. In this role, you will be a typical user, evaluate the site’s design and usability on your computer, and offer feedback on its performance.

To become a website tester, you don’t need prior experience; however, it is a plus to have the following skills.

  • Be familiar with content inventory, testing experience, and Java;
  • A degree in computer science would be nice but not necessary;
  • Good analytical and logical reasoning;
  • Ability to identify and understand problems.

One of the places you can try to apply for testing websites are:

This is an excellent job opportunity for businesses to guarantee that their website is user-friendly and error-free. It’s also a terrific approach for newbies to generate money online because you don’t need any specialized skills to get started.


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