Host an E-conference or Seminar


If you have a good idea for an e-conference or seminar, use WhatsApp to promote it and host it. Once you have everything in place, let me know your connections and when and where the seminar will take place.

Ensure to mention that this call will cost a certain fee for everyone who wants to join. However, make it significant, especially if you are still on the rise. Ensure to prepare thoroughly and provide valuable information once the seminar starts.

You can use PayPal for money transactions for your seminar’s admission fee. This can be a small yet significant number. Yet, in return, connections will be able to view and listen to your seminar, learn something valuable, and even ask questions and interact with you. Also, you can make a broadcast that is only accessible to those who have paid dues to join your specific group.

Additionally, you can potentially generate more money and invite a larger audience to participate by dividing seminars into a few parts or groups.


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