Take Advantage of the Pay-per-Download Option


And last but not least on out list on how to earn money using WhatsApp is through the pay-per-download option.

Pay-per-download, or PPD, is a service offered by a number of websites. You can upload images, videos, games, music, and other types of content to these websites in order to get money from it. 

The website will compensate you each time someone downloads any of the stuff you shared. The amount of money you can earn is based on how many downloads there are. 

These websites display advertisements or require visitors to complete a brief online form or survey prior to downloading anything. Only by doing this, they will make money, which allows them to give you a tiny commission.

You can post your content via file upload, up4ever, or any other PPD website. Then, share it with your WhatsApp connection encouraging them to click on the links to download the content.


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