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Download for Android: Paidwork: Make Money
Download for iPhone: Paidwork: Make Money

The Paidwork is an app available for both Apple and Android users. This app will allow you to earn extra cash by watching videos, mostly ads and promotional clips. You can also earn by completing tasks such as playing games, filling out surveys, and engaging in other activities.

Some of you might know this app from before. Paidwork was formerly known as Zareklamy, which can be relevant for users looking for historical reviews and information about the platform. Users can make money online with Paidwork on their phone, computer, or tablet. This means that the app is very flexible and accessible without the need for financial investment.

Once you gather your money, you can withdraw it via PayPal or gift cards. The amount you can earn will depend on your activity. There are testimonials that you can earn from $50 to $500 per month. 


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