Use Cash Back Credit Cards


Shipping can save you money if you know some easy tricks. One of them is known as cashback credit cards. What does that mean? 

Well, when you use your cash-back credit cards for shopping at certain online stores, you will earn pennies as a percentage of each purchase you make. Be aware that these amounts are not big, but as you do it each week/month, it adds up over time. 

Also, these types of credit cards are much better than debit cards. Why? Well, aside from earning cash back and points, many credit cards offer warranty and purchase protection. However, they also offer travel insurance if you want one. 

This means that if your credit card information is stolen, disputing fraudulent purchases is simple. Soon enough they will send you a new credit card via mail. However, if this happens to your debit card, the whole dispute is much more complicated. It can take a lot of time and patience because it is directly tied to your bank account.


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