Review:⭐4.6 from 12.8K reviews (According to App Store)
Download: Goodbudget for iOS users & Goodbudget for Android users. 
Cost: Free and Plus version available; Plus version is $8 per month or $70 per year.

Why should I choose Goodbudget as my budgeting app?

A Goodbudget is less about monitoring past transactions and more about financial planning. This app is based on the envelope budgeting approach. Wondering what’s that? Well, the app will divide a part of your money out of your monthly income towards specific areas of your spending which are called envelopes.  

However, this app cannot connect your bank accounts. On the other hand, you can manually enter cash amounts, debts, income, and account balances (which you can get from the website of your bank).

If you opt for the app’s free version you can only have one account. Also, you will have a limited number of envelopes and permission to log in on two devices. 

As for the app’s paid version known as Goodbudget Plus, you can pay $8 a month or $70 annually,  and you can have an infinite number of users to your budget. Also, the premium version offers additional benefits including up to five devices and an infinite number of envelopes.

Another great thing about this app is that is available on your desktop. Thus, if you are not so good with it, there are a ton of useful videos and articles to assist you in using the app.


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