Review:⭐4.5 from 8.3K reviews (According to App Store).
Download: Honeydue for iOS users & Honeydue for Android users. 
Cost: Free 

Why should I choose Honeydue as my budgeting app?

With Honeydue, you and your partner can see both of your financial data within the same app. The best thing is that banking, credit card, loan, and investment synchronization is possible for both partners. However, both you and your partner are free to decide how much information you share.

Another great thing, probably the biggest advantage of this app in comparison to others on this list is that the Honeydue app is totally free to use. They do not have any paid plans so it’s perfect for couples. 

There are categories that are automatically made by the app. However, you can also make your own categories. Both of the users can jointly establish monthly limits for each of these categories, and Honeydue will notify you when you or your partner is getting close to those limits.

They are providing support to more than 20,000 financial institutions in five countries. But, Honeydue also provides an FDIC-insured Honeydue joint bank account through Sutton Bank. Couples can talk about transactions, financial goals, and other topics within the app,. This makes it simple to identify any mistakes and agree on financial practices. 


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