Review:⭐4.8 from 48.1K reviews (According to App Store).
Download: YNAB for iOS users & YNAB for Android users. 
Cost: A free trial is available and then you can pay $14.99 per month or $99 per year.

Why should I choose YNAB as my budgeting app?

You should choose this app if you want to plan ahead for your financial decisions. With YNAB, you create a plan for each dollar you earn using the zero-based budgeting approach. You can integrate credit cards, loans, savings, and bank accounts.

YNAB provides many training tools that walk users through the process of learning how to use the program and create budgets. This includes monitoring financial goals, reporting on spending patterns, and assistance from YNAB staff members through hundreds of online classes.

Also, the app is available both on your phone and your desktop and is compatible with Alexa, iPad, and Apple Watch. With YNAB, there is no initial commitment. This means that you can try the app risk-free for the first 34 days.

It is designed to be most effective for people who prefer to be hands-on while making financial plans. However, keep in mind that its cost is more than that of the other applications on our list.


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