Review:⭐4.7 from 41.9K reviews (According to App Store).
Download: EveryDollar for iOS users & EveryDollar for Android users. 
Cost: A basic free and paid version is available. A premium version is free for 14 days; after the trial period is  $17.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

Why should I choose EveryDollar as my budgeting app?

With the EveryDollar app, users can construct a personalized budget and set savings goals. With a free version, you don’t need to sync accounts. You can manually enter incoming and outgoing money each month. Also, you can categorize items in your budget and create bill payment reminders.

If you want to have a better version and have more features, opt for the paid version. For extra money, you can have paycheck planning, smart tracking recommendations, bank connectivity, custom budget reports, group financial coaching, and more.

When we compare the free and paid versions, a free one is pretty bare. The premium version is much better and offers much more options but it’s not so cheap. Just like every app, this one is also available on your desktop and on your phone. 

Furthermore, there are some resources available on the app’s website to guide you through its use before you sign up for a trial. For the best experience,  EveryDollar suggests that users use the app from their desktops.


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