Rakuten is a website that offers various services to its customers including e-commerce, travel, digital content, communications, and fintech. Also, Rakuten is a great place where you can get Cash Back for shopping. 

Here’s how you can make money on Rakuten

  • Get cashback rewards when shopping – this is the most popular way of earning money from Rakuten;
  • Use discounts and promotions;
  • Earn referral bonuses.

However, referral bonuses are also quite popular. Send referral links to your friends and family. Once there is a sign-up of a new member through your link, as long as you spend $40, you can get $40 cashback.

Also, you will get a 10% cashback once you sign up. Thus, if you want to sign up you can do it here. The whole process is very easy, fast, and free of charge. 

Each store pays Rakuten a commission for sending customers (in this case you) to their store. Then, Rakuten earns some money from that also known as a commission that is shared with you, so you both win. Once you get enough money, you will get paid every three months.

We know that this sounds like spending more money trick but it isn’t. There are many stores in Rakuten where you would usually go shopping. From Walmart to Nike and LEGO. So instead of going to the actual store, you can go shopping online and earn cash back from it. Imagine doing it all the time. You can easily earn money from shopping. 


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