What’s Online Banking?


As we already mentioned online banking is an online app that can be used on your phone and on your computer to conduct financial transaction. It is also known as Internet baking or web banking. 

So online banking is an app that offers its users almost all the same services available through a local branch. This includes 

  • Do money transfer;
  • Conduct online payments;
  • Send money internationally;
  • Preview account information and bank statements;
  • Conduct deposit checks;
  • Check your account balance; 
  • Track your finances;
  • Pay bills and manage direct debits.

Luckily, almost all banks have their own online virtual app that you can access through a computer or your mobile.

Instead of going to the bank or ATM machine and do the transfers, you can do all that via your online banking app. It will save you time for going to that place, saving from waiting in the line and even saving you gas money or other transport expresses. It i very convenient and easy to use.


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